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Railway Vehicles

  • MPT-4

    MPT-4 track maintenance vehicle is a perfect combination of high performance with simplicity of design.

  • MPT-6

    MPT-6 track maintenance vehicle's advantage is the great volume of deck space behind the cabin free for transportation of cargoes.

  • MPT-6E

    MPT-6E is the modification of MPT-6 vehicles equipped with diesel-electric power plant and electric drive motors.

  • MPT-6.3

    Telescopic crane jib makes it easy to perform cargo handling operations near to buildings and at station yards.

  • MPT-6 mk.4

    MPT-6 mk.4 has enlarged cabin to transport up to 22 persons to work sites.

  • MPTG-2

    MPTG-2 has the innovational fully asynchronous electric drive system providing efficient fuel consumption.

  • MPT-G

    MPT-G is a long-frame vehicle and can be optionally equipped with an articulated crane, auger, etc. mounted on its rear end

  • 1ADM-1.3

    The insulated lifting platform of 1ADM-1.3 makes it possible to perform maintenance operations at energized catenary

  • 1ADM-1.5

    The power pack of 1ADM-1.5 is mounted under frame so giving you more space on the vehicle's own dect to transport catenary elements

  • ADM-1.5EL

    ADM-1.5 is equipped with an articulated crane which enlarges its range of operation by means of usage of add-to-crane equipment

  • ADMckm mk.2

    ADMckm mk.2 differs from other vehicles of this type with the great volume of deck space to transport catenary elements

  • ADM-1.5BM

    ADM-1.5BM has all the neccesary equipment to drill foundation pits for catenary masts installation.

  • ADMc

    ADMc is specially designed to carry out operations of contact and messanger wire installation

  • ADM-1.3cm

    ADM-1.3cm meets requirements of UIC and EN, and is homologated to be operated on JernBaneVerke railway lines.

  • ADM-1cm

    ADM-1cm meets requirements of UIC and EN, and is homologated to be operated on ADIF railway lines.

  • ADMsh

    ADMsh has a mucker (trencher) to make ditches for cable laying alongside the tracks and an auger to dig pits for coloured signal lights masts installation.

  • TM-270k

    TM-270k was specially designed to be operated on the tracks of metros. It has an articulated jib and 2 engines to provide power-saving operating.

  • MTp

    MTp is a light type railcar equiped with a lifting platform. It was initially specialized for operations inside city metropolitan lines.

  • TMk

    TMk was designed to replace AGMu vehicles and is its more efficient counterpart, surpassing it in all features.

  • AGMu-2

    Light-weight vehicle AGMu-2 is the brand-new development of general-purpose auxiliary cars demanded by city undergrounds, industrial and warehouse clusters.

  • AGMum

    Light-weight vehicle AGMum is the new generation of general-purpose cars demanded by city undergrounds, industrial and warehouse clusters.

  • TMsr

    TMsr is specialized for snow removal operations and can be used as a small shunting and hauling unit as well.

  • TMsv

    TMsv was designed not only to remove snow but also to transport it from the cleaned area. This differs it from TMsr which has no option of collecting removed snow in coupled wagon.

  • TM-230

    TM-230 was specially designed on demand of Moscow Metro and is equipped with 2 engines to ensure safety while operated in underground tonnels.

  • PMG-1M

    Automated termainal and anchor bolts nut greaser and driver. PMG-1M replaces manual labour of over 160 persons.

  • PUG

    Need to transport small goods to short distances? PUG suits your needs best! Simple and reliable 2-axle trailer.

  • PPM

    Just need crane and a dump-car? Do not need the whole big track vehicle? We have PPM for you: crane + dumping flat wagon - just couple it to your loco.

  • PPI-1

    PPI-1 bears the optimal set of equipment required to perform catenary wire stringing or replacement operations. 

  • UPT

    UPT trailer was developed for operations inside the city metro tunnels. It provides easy delivery of tools and materials to work site.

  • МПТ-6К

    МПТ-6К имеет дизель соответствующий европейским нормам безопасности, автоматическую гидропередачу и изолированную площадку

  • ТМагрс

    ТМагрс с краном – манипулятором оборудованный системой модульного рельсосмазывателя

  • АДМ-1 агрс

    АДМ-1 агрс предназначена для дозированного нанесения смазочного материала на боковую грань рельса



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