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Railway Vehicles

Craned railway vehicle MPT-4


power unit output, kW (hps) 220 (300)
engine type diesel, YaMZ-238 B-33
gear-box type hydro-mechanical, UGP-300
own deck cargo capacity, t 8
maximum speed, km/h 100
max. towing capacity at shunting mode, t 300
max. towing capacity at main-line mode, t 60
passenger capacity, pers. 10
proper weight, t 31
type of crane console
load lifting capacity at min. outreach, outriggers retracted, t 5
load lifting capacity at max. outreach, outriggers retracted, t 1,2
load lifting capacity at min. outreach, outriggers deployed, t 5
load lifting capacity at max. outreach, outriggers deployed, t 2,2
load hook lifting height, meters from rail top level 4
max. load hook outreach, meters from track centre 7,5
min. load hook outreach, meters from track centre 1,8
detachable basket n/a
Snow removal equipment
make TMCP
type snowplough
Overall dimensions of the vehicle
length between couplers axis, mm 12960
width, mm 3150
height, mm 5250
wheel base, mm 7000

MPT-4 was designed to carry out the following operations:

  • Cargo handling, transportation of various cargoes on its own frame deck;
  • Transportation of loads on coupled wagons;
  • Transportation of long cargoes including 25-meter long rails on its own deck or on coupled trailers;
  • Delivery of workers to site;
  • Shunting at station yards;
  • Power supply to welding equipment at work site;
  • Snow removal;
  • Power supply to electrical equipment working at 380/220V, 50Hz.;
  • Supply compressed air pressure to tools and equipment (8 atm.);
  • Perform duties of the leading vehicle when in track maintenance train formation.

MPT-4 railway vehicles is fully self-propelled. The control cabin is mounted on the front end of the vehicle frame and there is a cargo lifting crane placed on top of it. YaMZ-238 B-33 diesel engine is installed on the rear end of the frame. Torgue is transmitted via belt-drive to the 3-phase alternator and via hydro-mechanical transmissiot t0 cardan shafts and air-compressor. Torque from cardan shafts is further transmitted to the axle gear boxes of wheel-sets.

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