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Railway Vehicles

AVF-1M vibrating hummer for instalation of catenary masts and mast's footings


wheel gauge, mm 1520
Self-propelled speed with a trailed wagon coupled, km/h 30
Speed when hauled in train formation, km/h 80
Negotiable curves radius, m 150
Attending personnel 2
type of crane hydraulic articulated crane
load lifting capacity at min. outreach, outriggers retracted, t 6,7
load lifting capacity at max. outreach, outriggers retracted, t 1,79
Loading moment, tm 28,8
Max. load hook outreach, m from the pivot point 14,2
Load hook lifting height, m from the wagon deck level 17,5
Overall dimensions of the vehicle
length between couplers axis, mm 19620
width, mm 3590
height, mm 4350
Vibrating hummer
Drive type Hydraulic
Weight of the installed mast (footing), tons, not over 2,7
Cross-section dimensions of the installed mast (footing), m 0,35 х 0,35
Length of the installed mast footing, m, not over 5,0
Length of the istalled mast, m, not over 8,0
Max. embeding depth of the mast footing, m below the rail top 6,15
Max. distance from the track centre to the embeding point, m 3,35 - 5,95
Embeding operation cycle time, min, not over 25
Power demand (consumption), kW, not over 95
Vibrating hummer lifting force, tf, not over 12
Vibrating hummer lifting speed, m/s, not over 0,22

The vehicle is a self-propelled railway wagon on which a power plant, working and loading equipment are mounted.

All mechanisms and systems of the vehicle are serviced by a diesel-electric power plant located on the front of the wagon. The vehicle controls are situated inside the vehicle cabin.

The working equipment of the vehicle is a vibrating unit which provides the grip and rigid connection of the element to be embeded (catenary mast or mast's footing) with the vibrating hummer and its embedding (sinking) into the soil due to the vibration effect.

Loading of the catenary masts (or mast's footings) to the trailed wagon for transportation to the work site and their feeding to the working area of the vibration hummer's loader is carried out by a crane mounted at the rear end of the vehicle.

The crane can be controlled remotely (radio-control),  and the hydraulic supports of the crane, the working desk and the vibration hummer are controlled from the stationary control post.

The vehicle can as well perform drilling operations. 

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