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About company in brief

V.V. Vorovsky Tikhoretsk Machine Construction Plant (TMCP V.V.Vorovsky), JSC is one of the leading Russian plants in the railway machinery industry. It was founded in 1899 as a steam-engine repair workshops at Tikhoretsk railway station and within a few years became the town-forming enterprise. In 1956 the repair workshops were given name after one of outstanding revolutioners - V.V. Vorovsky, as it was common in that time, and was reorganized into a heavy railway machinery construction plant.

Since 1956 TMCP V.V. Vorovsky produced more than 28,000 railway vehicles which were supplied to 36 countries worldwide. Our products have proven to be easy to operate, reliable at work and simple in service. They are used in all climatic zones from hot African deserts to arctic cold of the Far North. Today TMCP V.V.Vorovsky manufactures more than 25 railway vehicle types in five product groups: track maintenance, catenary installation and renewal, locking and interlocking structure maintenance, shunting, trailers. Modern equipment and deep traditions enable us to supply our clients with multi-functional railway vehicles of the highest qualitiy.

TMCP V.V. Vorovsky employs over 2,000 highly qualified people working in the plant itself and in its regional divisions. Professionalism of our staff enables us to provide special solutions for specific projects on demand of our customers. Having our own design and production planning departments and full-range production facilities we can develop a new rail car project and put it into production within short time period retaining high qualitiy. 

TMCP V.V. Vorovsky is certified according to ISO 9001. All products meet Russian requirements and regulations.

Our fundamental principles are: use of up-to-date technologies, high production standards, perfect quality, timely execution of customers' orders and reasonable price policy. 


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