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TMCP launched production of innovative railway vehicles


TMCP Vorovsky started to assemble the first MPTG track maintenance vehicle of the lot contracted by the "Russian Railways".

The new type of track maintenance vehicles was developed by TMCP Vorovsky based in Tikhoretsk city in the South of Russia. It is named MPTG-2 and differs from its counterparts with the following features: it has a power-saving diesel-electric asynchronous drive system, two powerful cranes - one on the front and the other one on the rear part of the vehicle’s frame, ability to run at speed of 120 km/h with towed weight of 45 tons.

The idea of an innovative track vehicle with asynchronous DE drive appeared in 2013, and already in 2015 the  first prototype of MPTG-2 was presented to the public at the International Railway Exhibition "Expo 1520" held in Shcherbinka, Moscow. Within 2016, the first sample of MPTG-2 was tested and tryed on the Oktyabrskaya Railroad of the "Russian Railways" and it was considered as meeting the Client's requirements.


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